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Land Subdivision


Land Subdivision

It is one of the favorite ways that we create allotments through. Land subdivision includes so many responsibilities that we deal with the help of our skilled professionals. We have an efficient team of professionals who have been providing the service for years. Undoubtedly, subdivision service is a critical one but when you have hired CBD5, you can rest assured about the job’s success. With our precise and customized solutions for subdivisions, you can really expect great value for your properties in Sydney and suburb areas.

An ideal subdivision

If you are having an expansive backyard that is not really used for any purpose or if you have purchased large block land that is appropriate for townhouses, units and duplexes or multi-dwelling developments, you can certainly ask for our assistance if you are eyeing on an ideal subdivision. In most instances, it is not the building on a property that decides the underlying value of the land but the land itself.
An accurate and effective land subdivision in Sydney requires following a few steps that are perfectly followed by the experienced team of us. Right from the starting, we offer complete property surveying and others relevant services that are required for a successful subdivision. It obviously needs some approvals to be obtained and CBD5 has been providing all sorts of assistance for land subdivision in the Sydney. It is complicated and has some legal requirements that we can take care of.

  • Our experts’ are involved in new building
  • We offer the extensions of living areas
  • Our professionals offer roofing
  • We are involved in kitchen and bathroom renovations
  • We offers fencing and decking
  • We offer sheds and outbuildings to our clients etc.


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